Getting Started With Online Gambling Sites

How to choose which site to play at?

Choose Your Site

There’s no shortage of choice when it comes to real money online gambling websites, so it’s never been more important to make an educated decision when selecting the site you’re going to register with.

While we’d like to think the majority of gambling websites are honest, there will always be unscrupulous and fraudulent operations that are out to steal your money. With that in mind you should first consult a trusted reference site that provides unbiased reviews and recommendations.

Another good tip is to check if the site you’re looking at is registered with a trading standards body and confirm the details with that body directly. All genuine gambling sites require a license to operate and will usually have details in their “About Us” section or at the foot of their homepage.

How about the bonuses on offer?

Once you’ve narrowed down your list of credible and trustworthy sites it’s worth checking out the respective bonus offerings available. Some online gambling sites are far more generous with welcome bonuses than others, for example, which may sway your thinking in their direction.

How to sign up at an online gambling website

So you’ve made your choice and you’re ready to get playing at your online gambling website of choice. The next step will be to register for an account, which typically involves entering your basic details, choosing a username, setting a password and linking an email address to your online gambling account. A validation email process will usually then follow.

Downloading software for online gambling

Some gambling sites require you to download their bespoke software in order to access their full offering. This process is more straightforward than you might think, with the software always available for PC and Mac and usually triggered with just one simple click.

There is also a number of no download options if this is preferred.

How to deposit money into your online gambling account

Deposit Money

If you want to play for real money you’ll need to first put funds in your online gambling account. Depending on the site there will be a number of accepted payments by which you can do this.

Typically credit and debit cards will work, and there is also an increasingly large choice in this area as new payment providers fill the market. Ewallet services such as Neteller and Paysafecard are regularly amount the deposit methods accepted at online gambling sites.

Once you trigger a deposit to your account the funds will usually show up instantly, allowing you to get playing immediately. You should be aware that some sites have minimum and maximum deposit limits to adhere to. You should also take note of the welcome bonus on offer, should it relate to the amount you choose for your first deposit.

How to withdraw money from your online gambling account

Should there come a time when you want to withdraw money from your online gambling account there will be a number of methods available to choose from. These will be similar, but not always identical, to the choices offered for your deposit.

Most sites require you to validate your identity before you cashout, so be aware of that process. There is also typically a wait period while a site confirms your withdrawal and then a delay of anywhere from 3-7 days until your money arrives where you want it to.

How to choose which games to play?

There are so many online gambling games to choose from your head will be spinning. You’ll find everything from baccarat to roulette, poker, slots (thousands of slots!) and beyond, and there are constantly new games being added to the best sites for your amusement.

A good way of making a choice is to try the games out in practice mode (free play) before playing for real money. That way you get a feel for how much you’ll enjoy the game online and how good you might be at it.

Another method is to stick with the games you know best. If you’re a card shark who loves poker, why not get started playing some online poker? At the same time, you may decide you want to try something new and different, and go for a game you’ve never seen in a land-based casino.

How to play on your smartphone or tablet

This being the digital age there’s pretty much nothing you can’t do on your mobile device these days. The best online casinos offer mobile functionality and/or apps you can download that plug the online gambling experience straight into your smartphone or tablet.

Typically all you need to do is enter your log-in details and you’ll be up and running – playing online casino games for real money wherever you’ve got a strong enough wifi connection.

How to manage your gambling budget

Manage Your Budget

If you’re worried about the dangers of getting yourself into debt through online gambling there are measures you can take to ensure you stick to a tight budget and keep things fun and enjoyable.

First of all, we’d advise you set a weekly or monthly budget limit and only deposit that amount into your online gambling account. Once that sum is gone, you stop playing. If you stick to that system you can always play more in the months where you’re winning regularly.

Some sites allow you to set personal limits through special built-in tools. There are also plenty of support and advice services available if you require further information. These will usually be listed at a respectable online gambling site.

How to stay safe online

As mentioned previously it’s important to choose your online gambling destination with care and make sure you’re playing at a respectable, authorised site with a license.

We’d also advise that you don’t share personal details with other players online, or in forums or on messageboards associated with online gambling. This should obviously include not sharing any banking details or information relating to your personal identification.

The good news is that online gambling is more regulated than ever before and, providing you stay at trusted sites, you can ensure a completely safe environment.

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