How To Play In An Australian Casino

What are the laws on gambling age in Australia?

You have to be 18 years or age or older to enter a land-based casino in Australia. All casino visitors should arrive with valid photo ID ready for inspection, with the obvious examples being a driving license or passport.

Should you expect to pay an entrance fee at a casino?

Most land-based casinos are free to enter. The casino makes its money from your spending at the tables and on amenities such as restaurants, bars and hotel stays. After having your ID checked you are typically free to enter the casino and walk around.

Do casinos have a dress code?

Don’t worry - you don’t have to dress like you’re in a James Bond movie (you can wear a tux if you want of course). That said, most casinos have a requirement for reasonably smart attire and will always demand you’re wearing a shirt and shoes to enter their establishment.

How do I get chips at a casino?

Getting Chips

You’ll need chips to play table games at a casino and these are typically available at a kiosk close to the entrance. You’ll approach the server and pay for the value of chips you’re after using either cash or a card. ATM machines will be available in the casino if you need to withdraw more funds at any time.

You can also exchange cash for chips at the tables, by handing over your cash to the dealer. He or she will count it out in front of you and then exchange the value into casino chips. It’s always a good idea to lay your cash out neatly when you pass it over to the dealer in this situation, and then to stack your chips in an orderly fashion so you can keep a good handle on what you have to play with.

If it’s slots you want to play, the currency you need depends on the machines in the venue. Some will take coins, others tickets that you can buy from the casino. You’ll see some slots fanatics walking around with huge buckets of currency, especially those playing the cheaper slot machines all evening.

Should you expect free drinks in a land-based casino?

It’s not unusual to be served free drinks by the casino while you’re immersed at a table playing games. This is a benefit offered by casinos to say thank you for playing and designed to allow you to focus on the gambling at hand. It won’t happen everywhere, however, so come prepared to fund your own refreshments during your time at a casino.

How does tipping work in casinos?

Waiters and bar staff should be tipped in casinos, with special generosity due to a waiter who is bringing you complimentary drinks to a gaming table. You should also be tipping dealers while you’re involved in table games. The amount you tip is completely up to your own discretion, but tips can be paid either by using cash or by handing over the value in chips. Players at a blackjack table, for example, would usually tip their dealer using chips.

How to choose which games to play in a casino

Which Games

When you first enter a casino it can be quite an overwhelming experience. There are people everywhere, tables buzzing with activity and hundreds of machines flashing and beeping for your attention. Good advice is to start by having a walk around and taking in everything the casino has to offer.

Once you’ve decided where to start, you should pay careful attention to the minimum bet amounts advertised at each table. This is the minimum stake required and it’s important to play to your budget when choosing your table. Some tables might call for a minimum of $25 per play, others $500 or above.

How to enter a game in a casino

If it’s a card game you want to get into there will usually be a set number of “squares” available at the table. Should one be free you can sit down and wait for the next hand to start, at which point the dealer will deal you in. It’s worth pointing out that a square is not the same as a seat. Some players may have two hands going at once, so a free seat doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a spot going in the game.

What hours do casinos typically open for?

Some casinos are open 24 hours a day and it’s not uncommon for players to play at the tables through the night. Others will open early in the morning and close somewhere around the 3am mark. Casinos will generally keep lights bright at all hours and are known to pump oxygen into the room to help players stake awake.

How do I get something to eat in a casino?

All casinos will have restaurant facilities close by if your batteries need recharging with a decent meal or a snack. In some cases you can order food at the casino bar and eat with a view of the floor. You won’t be allowed to eat at the gaming tables, however.

Where should I stay if I’m visiting a casino from out of town?

The majority of land-based casinos have hotels attached, which makes sense when you consider the late-night theme of their entertainment offering. Some may give you special prices on hotel rooms if you’re a regular visitor, or even comp a room completely if you have a record of spending good money on their casino floor.

What other things should I bear in mind at a casino?

It’s always good etiquette to act in a sportsmanlike manner when you’re playing – especially in games that have other players active in them. Nobody likes to come upon a winner who can’t stop boasting about it, or a loser who can’t stop complaining about it. You should be as polite and friendly as possible to fellow players, but also realise that some will be focused on gambling and may be less receptive to your conversation than you might like.

The bottom line is that casinos are fun places that give people a lot of pleasure. Providing you behave in a respectable fashion you’ll make plenty of friends and enjoy every second of it.

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